Your Teacher: Shawn Haggin

I live in Roseburg with my wife, Millie, and dog, Jaxx. I apprenticed in Oregon and obtained electrical licenses in Washington, California, and Oregon. I worked on the west coast for a while, doing big industrial jobs and heavy commercial projects. I worked with some skilled Journeymen whom I learned from and developed a strong skillset that I keep improving on. Early in my apprenticeship, there was a strong competition to see who could find a "good" code article to discuss

over break and lunch. I quickly established myself as the "go-to code guy." Being a traveler and working with well-educated Journeymen exposed me to a wealth of knowledge. I had to keep up with these skilled Journeymen and kept learning when the job was over. 

I finally got my Oregon Supervisors license, and my electrical career started moving fast. The knowledge and confidence that I gained were remarkable. I landed a job as the Assistant Chief Electrical Inspector for the State of Oregon. I learned the Code and Oregon Laws and Rules from a regulatory perspective. I also inspected projects and mastered the calculations dictated

in the National Electrical Code. 

When I left Oregon Building Codes Division, I knew I would use my new skills to improve this industry. So, I started Oregon Electric Test Prep to improve Oregon's electrical industry. With every Apprentice, Journeyman, Supervisor, and student I come in contact with, I share my knowledge and experience. All with the aim of improving the electrical industry in Oregon.

Shawn Teaching at Oregon Electric Test Prep


General Supervising Electrician #5573S

Electrical Inspector #5572EI

Residential Electrical Inspector #1842CAE

Specialized Plumbing Inspector #SPI2044

Residential Plumbing Inspector #1968CAP

Plan Review or Inspector #215SRI

Residential Plans Examiner #2464CAX

Residential Structural Inspector #2446CAS

Manufactured Structural Installation Inspector #502MHI

Oregon Inspector Certification #OIC2562

California Certified General Electrician #128104

Washington Master Electrician # HAGGISM813NG