4 Hour Code Change with Oregon amendments.


The 2020 National Electrical Code has changed, get the updates in this Oregon  specific code change class. Shawn Haggin, the instructor has been a part of the  specialty code committee for the last three code cycles. The class will cover the  

required changes and how the electrical industry influenced the Oregon Electrical Specialty Code. Students need a 2020 NEC. Class is approved for four(4) hours of  CEU with Oregon. 

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The Oregon Rule and Law, 4- and 8-hour Code Change are online and approved for CEU in Oregon. The class is structured to have quizzes throughout the course. When the quiz shows up on the screen choose the correct answer to be able to move on and finish the course. The course is a recorded power point presentation that is available with access from the link provided. Contact information is provided to ask questions or provide input.