Calculations Crash Course 8 Hour


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Congratulations you are about to begin a course on National Electrical Code
calculations. This class is going to be challenging for most journey level electricians. By
learning these calculations, you are going to be on a higher level than the rank-and-file
electrician. Knowing how to perform calculations is a skill that is enviable by most
electricians. This course will focus on a single-family dwelling, dorm, bank building,
residential/ commercial building, and standalone questions. Elite level electricians
perform these computations routinely. Some of the skills that you will learn in this class
will be, reading the question thoroughly to fully understand what the question is asking of
you, dissecting the code to explore putting installation requirements together that meet
code. Completing story problems is what we electricians decipher in a normal everyday
routine. Reading these story problems is just another skill to master. Reading the question
three times to fully understand the question is a good practice to get into. Sometimes
drawing a picture of what the scenario is, helps conceptualize the question to be able to
answer it correctly.
Worksheets are provided for you and are yours to make notes for future reference. The skills
learned in this class will enable you to use these skills the very next day on the job. Just like
getting a new tool, these calculations can be test driven to design and calculate your own
installation. Online students are required by Oregon Building Codes Division to make an
appointment for review of the information. During the class, please ask questions and or
share the experiences that you have. We all can learn from others in this kind of forum. Enjoy
the class, I will do my best to make it enlightening and challenging. This class is approved for 8
Hours of Continuing Education with the State of Oregon Building Codes Division.
Shawn Haggin Instructor