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Supervising Electrician License Preparation


Seeking the Oregon Supervising Electricians License is a big step in your career. The test requires extensive knowledge on code, calculations, techniques, and Oregon law. For the best shot at success, join experienced educator and electrician, Shawn Haggin, for an extensive yet efficient training.


Practice Tests


Shawn Teaching Supervisors Electrician Exam Prep

Taught By Shawn Haggin

Shawn Haggin has been in the electrical industry for over 30 years. He apprenticed in Oregon and worked/ licensed in Washington, California, and Oregon as a Journeyman electrician. Shawn has worked on big jobs and single family remodels as an electrician and foreman. His knowledge of the code made him the go-to-guy when it came to jobsite code questions. His experience from a regulatory perspective will provide a different awareness.


Can you help me if I fail the test?

Yes, I offer one on one phone tutoring that is in blocks of 30 minutes each. That way you have my complete attention and can address each subject(s) that you want to focus on. I did this routinely when I worked at BCD, it can be of real help especially if you have an exam scheduled and want to review a method, to master it before the exam.

Do your classes teach me about the different parts of the test?

Yes, I have distinct sections that that cover both sections of the exam. I even break down each section further to better understand the components of the OAR’s and ORS, that are vital to the Supervising Electrician and the exam itself. I also describe my methodology to attack the exam to make it more comfortable to succeed during the stressful 4 hour test.

Do you have study materials?

Yes, I have a workbook that you receive when you sit for the class. This workbook has practice tests and assignments that we go through in class and you can work on at home between class dates. This workbook is full of calculations that I have produced and include the necessary skills that every Supervising Electrician needs to be successful at the test and on the job.

Can I talk to you after the class if I have questions?

Yes, the purchase of the Supervisors Test Prep Class buys you the access to my phone to answer questions that you may have. I also offer one on one tutoring, see question #1.

If I can’t leave work for a class are there other classes that you teach in Oregon?

Yes, I offer classes in various locations throughout Oregon, see scheduled classes for the most current class schedule. You can also get a group together and I can make it part of my scheduled classes.

Do classes qualify for Continuing Education Credit?

See specific class registration for the number of hours of continuing education credited to your license.

When I pass the Supervisors test what is the next certification that you teach?

I have a large pool of questions that I have built and you can practice on them for the ‘A’ Level Electrical Inspectors Certification. I can assist you in reaching that level also.

How long before I find out I have passed the test?

The BCD staff will turn around the grading of the exam usually in the same day they receive it. If you take the test on a Monday, the test is sent to BCD the next day and usually lands at BCD on Friday afternoon. Depending on the work load it can be graded and posted to the BCD website that day or on the following Monday in most cases. Remember it gets posted on the BCD website as soon as there is a passing score.

What is the pass/fail rate for the Supervisors exam?

The current pass rate is 58% for those that apply for and sit for the exam.

How often can I sit for the exam?

After receiving the authorization letter from BCD you can schedule an exam every 30 days.

If I can’t leave work for a class, do you teach online classes that have Oregon CEU?

I periodically teach live classes throughout Oregon. I have online classes for those of you that are working overtime and are not able to attend a live class. All classes offered are CEU approved in Oregon. 

What is the structure of the test like?

There are three different types of test that are seen for Oregon electrical licensing. 

=>The LEB, LRT, and LME licenses are 28 code look up questions that come from the National Electrical Code, Oregon Electrical Specialty Code, Oregon Revised Statutes, and Oregon Administrative Rules. To get a passing score of 75% you need to get 21 correct questions. 

=>The Journeyman test for LEA, J, PJ, and LR all have 52 that come from the National Electrical Code, Oregon Electrical Specialty Code, Oregon Revised Statutes, and Oregon Administrative Rules. To get a passing score of 75% you need to get 39 correct questions. 

=> The General Supervising and Limited Supervising license consists of two parts. First part, is 52 questions that come from the National Electrical Code, Oregon Electrical Specialty Code, Oregon Revised Statutes, and Oregon Administrative Rules. To get a passing score of 75% you need to get 39 correct questions. The second part of the exam is 12 questions that may be a scenario type or stand-alone type calculation questions. This section also requires 75% passing score or 9 correct answers. You must get a 75% passing score on both parts in the same sitting to get your license.